Satellite view of the School

Satellite view of Emmanuel School. The top right building, with four pyramid roofs, is the first teaching block (single story), below that a smaller building also with four pyramid shaped roofs, is a two story teaching block. To the right of that building is the assembly hall science and library block(3 silver coloured roofs). Above are 4 small teacher's houses. Below right, the four buildings are the boy's hostel.


The place to start from.

About the schoolAbout
Satellite view of school,
Newsletter, History.
Points of Prayer
A key factor in this project
are the prayers, both in the UK
and in the school.
Chairman's Notes
Keith Fox
Reflections on the school
Kai's Notes
Dr Kai Kipgen
Project Manger
Student Sponsorship

Updates on the children
and the scheme.

June 2018 Newsletter

June 2018 Newsletter (pdf).

This edition includes articles on the proposed Primary School, Sponsorship and updates on the project.

History of the School

The History of the school (is available by this link (pdf),) from the original vision to the teaching blocks being built.