Kai's Notes

We held a one day Seminar entitled ‘ Haipi in 2050’ involving the whole village. The object of the exerc ise was to let them see ahead the picture of the village with i ts limited space and natural resources vis-à-vis th e population growth – past experience shows that the population i s doubled every twenty years! This means they have to take great care of the forest and find ways and means of increasing their agriculture yield to keep themselv es alive. Also, how Emmanuel School fits into their quest for better life opportunities, especially as it concer ns the younger generation in an increasingly competitive world. As a result they now have a conscious awareness of the f act that if they want Emmanuel School to be one of the better schools in Manipur, the tuition fees they are payi ng should be increased to attract qualified and good teachers to the School. Unfortunately, not much could be done with regard to gathering ma

As always we continue to be greatly encouraged by the interest and commitment of our supporters in the work of the charity. We remain grateful to you all.


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