Chairman's Notes

Students being prayed for.

The photo is of the Class X and XII students who are leaving the school and recieving a blessing from the local evangelist.

These students have, after a number of years, progressed through the different classes at the school. Some will go onto further education others will go into employment, whilst others will continue the work of their parents.

At the school they not only learn different subjects and take exams, their preparation for adult life includes career sessions lasting three days.

The staff display that Christian love by preparing the young people to live a fullfilling life.


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Points of Prayer
A key factor in this project
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Chairman's Notes
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Student Sponsorship

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Sponsored Children

The joy of the meeting between sponsor and sponsored child.

The Students

The students are so grateful for the support in their schooling that they recieve.

All of the children want to say 'Thank you' to all the people who have supported the School through their prayers and through their giving.