New Primary School

Artist's impression of the New Primary school.

Artist Impression of the New Primary School

Latest picture of the construction February 2020.

Primary School construction February 2020

It will have 8 classrooms, a staff room and children's toilets. The area in front of the classrooms is a covered area so the children will be protected from the sun in the dry season and still be able to play even in the monsoon season.


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Points of Prayer
A key factor in this project
are the prayers, both in the UK
and in the school.
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The Trust

The Manipur Charitable Trust was set up in 1988 in response to the crying need for good education in the NE Indian State of Manipur.

The quest and pursuit of Emmanuel School is "Excellence for the cause of Education."

It's motto is vincit omnia veritas, which means 'Truth conquers all'.

Emmanuel School aspires to vindicates the saying "Education is wealth to the poor, an honour to the rich, an aid to the young and support and comfort to the aged."

It strongly believes in imparting Bible oriented, Christian based education which is learner centred.


Coffee Mornings on occasions at Dagnall Street Baptist Church after the morning service.